Monthly Archives: March 2018

Update Regarding HB 4285 and the WV Safe Mortgage Licensing Act

The last bill in our West Virginia legislative session update is HB 4285, which amends three sections of the West Virginia Safe Mortgage Licensing Act. First, the bill amends section 31-17A-4(a) of the Act to increase the state license application fee from $50 to $200. Second, it amends section 31-17A-6 of the Act by increasing […]

Update Regarding HB 4150 and WVCCPA

The other amendment to Article 6 of the WVCCPA that was passed with this year’s West Virginia legislative session is HB 4150, related to telemarketing companies. The bill amends section 46A-6-501 of the WVCCPA, which prohibits certain unfair or deceptive acts or practices. The bills adds to the list of eight such prohibitions, a new […]

Update Regarding HB 2464 and WVCCPA

As we previously mentioned in our last blog post, the West Virginia Legislature passed at least three bills this past session that affect consumers or financial transactions. The first of those bills is HB 2464. HB 2464 amends Article 6 of the WVCCPA, specifically section 46A-6-107, prohibiting the disclaimer of warranties and remedies for goods […]

West Virginia Legislative Session Update #1

The 2018 West Virginia Legislative Session ended last week, and the legislature has rejected two bills that would have modified the Consumer Credit and Protection Act (“WVCCPA”), the primary statute in West Virginia that regulates how lenders, creditors, collectors, and others deal with consumers in financial transactions. House Bill 2768 The legislature knocked down House […]